Recycling in Canberra provides a full range of services to manage the territory's waste. Here, residents can find information about using their household bins, household bin collection services, recycling and waste facilities, and programs that help manage unusual waste materials.

Recycle Canberra is one of the leading city’s providers of integrated recycling and waste management solutions, working together with customers to mitigate the environmental and financial impacts of waste. We provide a wide range of services for the reuse, reduction, recycle, recovery and disposal of your waste.

Our residential waste and recycle services Canberra include not only collection and disposal of your rubbish, yard waste, electronic waste, household hazardous waste, bulk items, etc., but also educating residents about what they can recycle in their carts or bins. You would be amazed to know that the vast majority of your waste can actually be recycled. Moreover, all our residual waste collection and disposal services are tailor made to suit your specific needs, no matter how small or large they could be.

We also supply commercial waste collection throughout the city. With high respect to your workplace and time, we supply rubbish collection and environmental services to help your businesses. You do not need to worry - we will take care of your papers, plastics, metal, etc. And in case of any special waste, be sure that we have the knowledge and expertise to care for them all. We will give you the peace of mind, handling your waste with a safe and compliant approach.

Moreover, our skilled and experienced team has the expertise to provide tailor made, specialist solutions when it comes to industrial cleaning services, no matter how challenging your projects can be.

Benefit from our reliable and prompt waste collection services; rest assured knowing that your waste is treated securely and professionally and completely in accordance with all relevant environmental legislation.